Media Attacks on Funeral Industry

I have been outspoken lately, concerning what I believe to be an increase in media attacks on funeral directors, embalmers, and the funeral industry as a whole. I was not around yet during the Jessica Mitford days, but feel caught up with each new headline. Another blog, The Business of Death, made mention of my examination into the growing attacks and referenced my quote:  

“What is troublesome is the fact that there is no follow-up by the media whenever cases are dismissed, charges dropped and allegations are proven to be false – many of which are made by competitors and disgruntled ex-employees. Much of the focus has been on the embalming process, by those who know nothing about the techniques involved (which to an outsider might sound like abuse of a corpse) and create sensational headlines,” Patton says  

R. Brian Burkhardt, of, immediately snapped back in defense of the media. Whenever it comes to the funeral industry, he and I agree on some things while taking opposing views of others. I guess on this one, we will have to agree to disagree.


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