Social Media Still Knocking On Funeral Home Doors

In the new world of social media, one recent survey suggests that the funeral industry has been slow in embracing the new technology.  This news does not surprise me in the least, as our industry has a long-established reputation of lagging when it comes to change. And, I will go ahead and offer my opinion that such a mindset is at the very root of the problems we face today.

One cannot argue with the rising popularity of social media, along with the proven benefit from a business marketing standpoint. It allows us to connect with people from around the world and get our brand before an even greater audience than ever before. Unfortunately, as with so many things, there is a darker side as well. It presents an opportunity for competitors, disgruntled former employees, ill-intentioned ex-romantic partners and more to bring harm to our business, our reputation and our private lives. One person, filled with the most sinister intentions can initiate harm with one click of a mouse.  There have been a number of examples of this, both in and out of our business. I too, faced a similar situation at one point. And although resolved, it presented more than a few minor bumps in the road.

All in all, I recommend and personally embrace social media as a valuable business marketing tool. Seeing so many funeral directors and funeral homes landing on Facebook is, in my opinion, a positive sign. Likewise, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites provide equally valuable exposure. However, I always advise caution when it comes to your personal or business pages, especially those around you who may have access. While things might appear peachy today, tomorrow remains to be seen. Happy Facebooking my friends!


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