Oklahoma Auction Company Finds Human Skull In Storage Unit

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Muskogee County authorities are investigating the discovery of human remains in a storage unit in Haskell. The Associated Press reports:

Sheriff’s investigator Faye Banks told the Muskogee Phoenix that a human skull was found in the unit Nov. 1 and Haskell police were contacted.

Officials say the skull was in a storage unit that was 1 of 2 in Tulsa that had been rented by the same person. When the renter stopped making payments, the contents were turned over to an auction house in Haskell.

Banks says the auction company found the skull inside a box wrapped in a towel. Banks is trying to track down the renter and find out how the skull was obtained. The remains have been sent to the medical examiner in Tulsa for more analysis.


This reminds me of an old professor I had back in mortuary college. He had a teaching skeleton in class, as well as a teaching torso. He had given both of them a name, which we all thought was a little strange. However, not as strange as when we learned he was taking both of them home at night.


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