Funeral Insiders Joining Media In Funeral Industry Scrutiny

What is appearing to be on its way to becoming a daily occurance, scandalous headlines in the media involving the funeral industry, has many wondering about the future of the business.

It was Jessica Mitford that first turned the spotlight on the industry, igniting controversy by revealing many of the tactics used in the profession and causing many to look at the industry in a different way. Over the past 40 years, the scandals have continued and many believe, over the past few years, have grown more frequent.Once again, the funeral industry is in the media spotlight. However, this time around, they are not alone. Funeral service insiders are beginning to speak out.

Mark DeSteffan is one of those who, through an on-going, online blog of memoirs, is lifting the veil of secrecy and revealing information from behind closed doors. A licensed funeral director and embalmer, with a long history within the funeral profession is coming forward. The Business of Death, as he puts it, “is a work in progress but something that has needed to be done.” And although he has worked for both independent and the large funeral corporations, he says he is not picking on just one of them. “I have seen both good and bad from all of them.”


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