Tucson Facebook Tribute is Full-Time Job for Texas Man

Houston, Texas

A Facebook tribute to the youngest victim of the Tucson shooting has turned into a full-time job for one Houstonian.

It has been a crash course in what’s known as “internet trolls” for a man we’ll call Ralph.

All he wanted to do, Ralph says, was post his condolences to the family of 9-year old Christina Taylor Green, who was murdered in the January 8 attack on an Arizona congresswoman.

“I went on Facebook to look for this very type of page so I could offer my condolences. There was no such page. So I decided to create one on my own, never realizing that by creating it I was taking on a huge responsibility of maintaining it to be clean from what I didn’t even know were called “trolls.” And that was when I realized I was in way over my head: I can’t monitor it 24/7. I needed to get some of my friends to serve as “admins,” administrators, to keep monitoring this site on a 24/7 basis, to keep it clean.”

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