Suspected Burglars Mistake Cremated Remains for Cocaine, Even Snorting Them

Waldo Soroa, 19 (left), Jose David Diaz Marrero, 19 (center), and Matrix Andaluz, 18 (right) faces multiple charges stemming from a burglary investigation in Marion County.

Silver Springs, Florida

Marion County Sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday arrested five burglary suspects stemming from an investigation which began last month.

The victim in the burglary said she returned to her home on Locust Lane in the Silver Springs Shores to discover that several items were missing. Some of the items included electronics and jewelry, but what she found most troubling, was the theft of her late father’s ashes and the ashes of her two Great Danes.

During the investigation, detectives learned that the ashes were taken because the suspects mistook the cremains for either cocaine or heroin. It was soon discovered that the suspects snorted some of the ashes believing they were snorting cocaine.

Arrested were Waldo Soroa, 19, who faces seven charges and has a bond of $17,000, Matrix Andaluz, 18, who faces six charges and has a bond of $11,500, and Jose David Diaz Marrero, 19, who faces four charges and has a bond of $9,000. There are two juvenile suspects facing charges which include attempted residential burglary and impairing a phone line to the home.



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