Houston Area Funeral Home Scam Adds to Grieving Mother’s Tragedy

Houston, Texas

Her 11-year old son was shot and killed. If you think things couldn’t get any worse, you’re wrong.

The grieving mother, now, isn’t sure where her deceased son’s body is.

“A person’s worse nightmare” Fort Bend County Deputy District Attorney Scott Carpenter said.

Carpenter said the mother turned to Rylan C. Scott Funeral Home in Stafford after her son was shot and killed. In addition to funeral services for her son, the mother said she bought several burial plots.

“She thought it would be nice to, when she ultimately dies, to be buried close to her son. So she arranged with Mr. Scott to purchase three funeral plots adjoining her son’s,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said the mother in mourning paid $2,100: $700 for each plot.

According to Carpenter, 29-year-old Rylan Charles Scott told the mother he was part owner of a cemetery in Stafford. In fact, Craven Cemetery is a place where Fort Bend County buries the poor for absolutely free of charge.

“Mr. Scott has been indicted for selling funeral plots here in Fort Bend County that he did not own,” Carpenter said.

The grieving mother said when she visited the plots; the ground had not been disturbed. She said Scott then told her the location of the plots had changed and her son was buried in a different spot in the cemetery in an unmarked grave.

Rylan Charles Scott has been indicted on two felony counts including theft and tampering with a government document. The state of Texas slapped the Rylan C. Scott Funeral Home with seven different state violations from 2007 to last year after a number of complaints.

The funeral home has now changed ownership, according to the state. The Texas Funeral Service Commission oversees Texas funeral establishments.

Anyone can make an open records request with the agency to find out if the funeral home they are planning to do business with has complaints against it. That is one step that could have avoided a lot of heartache for this grieving mother.



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