Mortuary Schools Weird? Not So Say Some Students

I guess the times are changing, but I can recall a mortuary college professor who sported lime green and pink suits, held conversations with an anatomical teaching aide and even took it home each night. This was long before Charlie Sheen. Fortunately, some of today’s students are trying to put to rest funeral director school stereotypes.


Inside a stately brick building on a quiet road in suburban Wheeling, the students learn to care for the dead.

Ranging in age from 19 to 65, they come from across the country to study at Worsham College of Mortuary Science, now in its centennial year.

Despite the subject matter, the school is far from the depressing or macabre place that many imagine.

For these students, the mystery of death is fascinating and even beautiful. At Worsham, they learn the art of restoring a face, the science of embalming a body and the poetry in retelling the story of a life.



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