A Nightmare Funeral, Casket Falls Into Grave

Bradenton, Florida

The Washington Family was already in mourning after having lost the man they called Pops. Then at his burial, something happened that they say you only see in horror movies.

It’s a nightmare that Bradenton resident Kimberly Washington wishes wasn’t real. “I can’t sleep. My mind is constantly thinking about it.”

Her father, the man she calls her best friend passed away two weeks ago. On Saturday, the final goodbyes took place at Eugene Washington’s burial. “My whole world feels like it is falling apart.”

But as a home video shows, seconds after the casket was placed above the grave, it tipped over and fell to the ground. “To see that casket fall is something out of a horror movie,” says Washington.

ABC 7 contacted the cemetery where the burial took place and they say the situation happened as a result of a malfunction with the casket’s lowering device. The cemetery is in the process of contacting the manufacturer of the lowering device. They say nothing like this has ever happened before.

Source and Video


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