From Starbucks to pedicures, Texas funeral homes are taking a creative approach for profits.

Owners of a funeral home in the Dallas suburb of McKinney are hoping to project a more progressive image and replace the overall decline in funeral spending nationwide. They now sell Starbucks coffee.

Visitors to the mortuary making arrangements for loved ones can now have a macchiato instead of the ordinary cup of joe.

Turrentine Morrow Jackson Funeral Home, a family-owned business that has been operating in McKinney since 1945, opened a coffee shop in February as part of a building upgrade.

According to representatives of the firm, “We’ve had customers ask us where the nearest Starbucks was.” We finally felt it would be OK to extend this type of service to our customers.” It fits our philosophy of having everything you need at one location.”

A little farther down south, in the Houston area, another funeral director is making plans to offer pedicure services.

As consumers continue to spend-down and the popularity of cremation escalates, funeral homes have been facing revenue shortages. Many are jumping on the social media bandwagon, while adding novelty items such as cremation jewelry, pet urns, and other trinkets. Time will tell if consumers are ready for coffee and pedicures down at their local funeral home, or if they will view these services to be “out of place” next to the dead.



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