California Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Viewing

Compton, California

Our obsession for convenience has brought us many things over the years. There are drive-thru burger joints, drive-thru banks and my favorite, the drive thru at Starbucks. And now, it gets even easier to take care of those routine tasks. One California city now offers the ultimate in drive-thru convenience: drive-thru casket viewing.

Yes friends, over at the Robert L. Adams Mortuary in Compton, south of Los Angeles, it is possible to view the deceased resting in a casket display window without leaving your car, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

“It’s a unique feature that sets us aside from other funeral parlors,” said owner Peggy Scott Adams.

“You can come by after work, you don’t need to deal with parking, you can sign the book outside and the family knows that you paid your respects,” Scott Adams explained. “It’s a convenience thing.”

Although the Times reported a handful of drive-thru funeral parlors were known to operate in other parts of the US, this was believed to be the first in southern California, home of cars and convenience.

The paper also pointed out some additional pluses for those who favor mobile mourning: seniors do not have to leave their cars, families can avoid hosting a formal viewing and the disabled can roll past in their wheelchairs.

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