‘Columbo’ star Peter Falk dies at 83

Beverly Hills, California

Falk died Thursday in his Beverly Hills home, according to a statement released Friday by family friend Larry Larson.

In a court document filed in December 2008, Falk’s daughter Catherine Falk said he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The gravelly voiced Falk was best known for his portrayal of the trench coat-wearing detective on the long-running TV series “Columbo.”

More on Peter Falk’s Death and Career


2 thoughts on “‘Columbo’ star Peter Falk dies at 83

  1. paul fenlon

    columbo is lodged in my memory as an unforgetable part of the 1970s as i was growing up…thanks to peter falk r.i.p………paul fenlon birkenhead england.

  2. tracy

    Peter Falk was charming and had charisma he protrait a
    detective so well …..and that caption phrase
    Ah just one more thing will live on
    I was really saddened to hear the death of Peter
    but his spirit will live on
    he is well loved by many i only watched him last night
    dressed as “Columbo” with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra
    Peter i was laughing my head off
    i wrote a poem last yr and now it been published in anthology
    i did write to Peter when i was 18 yrs
    As A Christian with spiritual beliefs Peter in Heaven now with God and the Angels
    love Tracy …uk

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