Funeral Director Charged After Stealing Thousands From Grieving Widow: Police Suspect More Victims

Louisville, Kentucky

While this story broke earlier, police believe there may be more victims and are asking them to come forward

A funeral home director is facing charges after police say she stole thousands of dollars from an elderly widow.

According to Louisville Metro Police, the funeral director, Maureen Purcell, met the 89-year-old victim when she came into Ratterman Brothers Funeral Home in St. Matthews. Police say the victim went there to have her husband’s remains cremated. They say Purcell then befriended the woman, knowing she had no family nearby.

Police say Purcell was able to get power of attorney over the victim, and at that point started stealing from her almost every day.

Purcell was released from jail on her own recognizance. Police say she admitted to stealing $8,000 out of the $10,000 that she’s charged with.

The Ratterman Brothers Funeral Home says they are completely surprised by the arrest. Purcell has a bad credit history, and has had several lawsuits filed against her.