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Margaret Thatcher Funeral Details


On April 17, Britain will honor Margaret Thatcher with full military honors, in a ceremonial funeral service attended by the Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

The date was agreed at a government “co-ordination meeting” with Thatcher’s family and Buckingham Palace officials on Tuesday morning, Downing Street said.

The ceremony, which is to be held at St Paul’s Cathedral in central London, is expected to be attended by dignitaries from around the world.

Find out about all the plans here.

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns


It was a shocking day for the Roman Catholic Church, after the stunning resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. This is the first papal resignation in almost 600 years.

In an address read out in Latin before a group of cardinals in the Apostolic Palace, the 85-year-old pontiff said he had decided that, due to his “advanced age” and deteriorating strengths, he would be stepping down as head of the Catholic Church on 28 February.

While there have been glowing tributes coming forward since the announcement, there are also contrary opinions. Victims of the sex and child abuse scandals that erupted under Benedict’s papacy either accused him of being directly complicit in a conspiracy to cover up the thousands of cases that have come to light over the past three years, or of failing to stand up to reactionary elements in the church who were resolved to keep the scandals under wraps.

Norbert Denef, from north Germany, who was abused as a boy by his local priest for six years and was later offered €25,000 (then £17,000) by his diocesan bishop to keep quiet, said: “We won’t miss this pope.”

A successor may be chosen by Easter.

Restorative Art Lessons


Aspiring funeral directors practicing restorative art techniques in mortuary school


Update on Illinois Cremation Scandal and Cover-Up Plot: Crematory Employee 2nd Person Charged

Back in December, a story broke involving Marcee Dane, a funeral director with Burnett-Dane funeral home in Libertyville. There was a mix-up of cremated remains and Dane attempted to cover-up the incident.

Burnett-Dane Funeral Director Marcee Dane

Prosecutors said Dane tried to cover up a mix-up involving a family’s ashes by first lying to the family, then getting another person’s remains and sending the family those remains to cover the mistake.

Dane even went so far as to exhume cremains and remove an identification tag in case either family discovered the error and chose to exhume the cremains, authorities said.

Well, now, a second person has been implicated for helping Dane with her attempted scheme. This time, it is a crematory employee.

Lake Bluff, Wisconsin

Crematory Operator Keith Campbell

A 57-year-old employee of a Lake Bluff crematorium has pleaded guilty to working with a funeral director to place anonymous human remains in a container and fabricate identification paperwork.

Keith R. Campbell, an employee of Lakewood Crematory and a Lake Bluff resident, pleaded guilty on March 3 to a class A misdemeanor of the violation of the Crematory Regulation Act.

According to the charges filed by the Lake County state’s attorney’s office, Campbell admitted to retrieving anonymous cremated human remains from Lakewood Crematory, where he was employed, and placing those cremains in a temporary container. He gave those cremains to Marcee Dane, formerly a funeral director at Burnett-Dane funeral home in Libertyville, prosecutors said.

Nancy O’Connor of Antioch, a family member affected by the scandal, said she is disappointed with the industry as a whole.

“I think it’s sad that a crematorium and a funeral home would work together to cover up a mistake and no one stepped up to do the right thing,” O’ Connor said.

Her brother died on mother’s day last year and O’Connor said her mother, Jean Fagerstrom, didn’t want to attend Thursday’s hearing, because she said the process of this case has come to be too much for her.


Wishing You A Safe and Happy Holiday

We’re taking a few days away. Have a safe and happpy holiday, from James Patton Funeral Directors!

Houston National Cemetery – A Quick View

With veterans day underway, I had a conversation with someone concerning veteran cemeteries. They had never been to Houston National Cemetery in Texas.  So, for Keith and everyone else, here is a quick view.

Corpse Flower Stiffs Houston – For Now

Houston, Texas

For a week, Lois the corpse flower has promised to show us her smelly stuff. But Friday, the shy titan arum at the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science remained closed. Rotting bananas enlisted to help corpse flower open up. Lois will be the second corpse flower to bloom in Texas. The first was the 61-inch-tall Big Jack at Stephen F. Austin State University’s Mast Arboreum in 2004. Twenty-eight corpse flowers have bloomed in the United States.  

The museum’s streaming live video online proved so popular, its computer system crashed this week. Rice University is now supporting the video stream at www.hmns.orgSource