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Boulder Funeral Home Offers Apology For Dropping Corpse At Funeral

Boulder, Colorado

Recently, Dignity Memorial (NYSE:SCI) Crist Mortuary was named in a lawsuit, after allegations surfaced from a father who reported the mortuary dropped his son’s body.

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Responding to a lawsuit’s allegations that Crist Mortuary employees dropped the casket of a 20-year-old Boulder High School graduate on the day of his funeral, letting his body roll onto the pavement, the mortuary’s general manager apologized Wednesday.

“We made a mistake,” said Michael Greenwood, who is named as a defendant in the lawsuit along with the Boulder mortuary. “I do apologize for that and have apologized to the parents.”


New York Man Slept With Woman’s Corpse For Two Days After Strangling Her

New York, New York

Michael Lenahan, 31, said during sentencing, “I’m far from perfect.” He is charged with strangling Lorna Santiago in a Manhattan apartment. After murdering the woman, according to authorities, Lenahan slept with her corpse for two days.


California Woman Drove Around With Corpse In Passenger Seat Of Her Car

Costa Mesa, California

Police are conducting an investigation, after learning that a Southern California woman drove around for months with a corpse in the passenger seat of her car.

The unidentified corpse was found, after police were called about a car partially blocking a driveway. Upon their arrival, they detected a foul stench and a leg poking out from a blanket. Autopsy results have determined that no foul play was involved.

The car’s owner told police that she allowed a homeless woman to sleep in her car. Upon finding that the woman died, she was afraid to alert authorities.


Boulder Funeral Home Facing Corpse Abuse Allegations: Father Says They Dropped Son’s Body

Boulder, Colorado

The father of a Boulder man has filed suit against Dignity Memorial Provider (NYSE:SCI) Crist Mortuary, the funeral home that handled the service, claiming funeral employees dropped the casket and his son’s body rolled out onto the ground.

Phillip Maldonado also claims in a lawsuit filed Friday in Boulder District Court that the dropping prior to the wake and open casket viewing caused fluids to leak out of Alex Maldonado’s body, staining the casket lid and shirt of the deceased.

“With Mr. Maldonado watching, according to the suit, the casket went crashing to the cement ground, its lid opened suddenly, and Alex’s body tumbled out and fell directly onto its face directly in front of Mr. Maldonado.”


Allegations Against Funeral Director: Accused of Corpse Abuse

More Media Allegations Against Funeral Industry

News Out of Findlay, Ohio

The state board that licenses funeral homes in Ohio has opened an investigation into a funeral director in Findlay, Ohio, who is facing allegations of mishandling a corpse, being naked in public and wearing the jacket of a deceased man in front of his family.

The Accused: Gregory Routson, owner of Routson Funeral Chapel in Findlay, Ohio

“Other allegations against Routson include being intoxicated or addicted to illegal drugs, not properly disposing of waste materials and failing to properly sterilize instruments used in embalming. He’s also accused of being naked in public during business hours, threatening and/or harassing employees and partially embalming a corpse and then leaving it un-refrigerated for 13 days.” (source)

Casual Poll on Puerto Rican Funeral Home’s Corpse Display

In an earlier post, we focused on a Puerto Rican funeral home meeting family requests of:

1). Displaying a deceased family members body on a motorcycle

2). Displaying a deceased family member standing, during a three day wake in another case.


We did a random, casual poll on Facebook and other social media outlets, and the results so far?

The majority of those polled said the display, while meeting a request from families, was tasteless and on the verge of abuse, especially in a public setting.

Did Puerto Rican Funeral Home Go Too Far With Corpse Display?

There is a big debate over the personalization tactics of a funeral home in Puerto Rico. As reported in an earlier post, at one wake, visitors arrived to find the deceased embalmed and displayed on a motorcycle. James Patton has written an article, asking if the actions are progressive or tasteless? Follow the link below for the article.

Funeral Home’s Bizarre Personalization Techniques