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Swedish Company Promessa Offers to Freeze and Explode Your Corpse

A Swedish company has developed a way to deal with human remains that removes the most pollutant aspects of burial by sending them the way of the Terminator.

Swedish Ecological Burial company Promessa wants to freeze human bodies and shatter them into millions of pieces using mechanical vibrations.

The body is frozen to around -18C and submerged into liquid nitrogen, allowing the body to become brittle.

Once the body is sufficiently brittle, it is shocked with mechanical vibrations, shattering it into a powder.

The process doesn’t end there, either. Weight is still an issue.

Once in powder form, the remains still weigh about as much as a human body, but Promessa has developed a solution for that too.

The powder is placed in a vacuum chamber which sets about removing water from the remains, shedding about 70% of the body’s mass.

Water boils instantly in a vacuum so the water is literally steamed from the body.

All that remains after this process are organic materials, metal parts, (mostly life-saving technological devices implanted in the body such as pacemakers – which are removed) and mercury.

The company recommends placing the remains in a cornstarch coffin which should be buried in a plot that allows the remains to break down into compost within a year-and-a-half. Hardwood coffins, additives and large cemetery plots are a no no.



California Lawmaker Tries Again to Legalize Liquified Corpses After Safety Concerns Raised

When a loved one dies, families typically are left with two options: burial or cremation.

A California lawmaker wants to give families a third option, which is being pitched as a “green alternative” to traditional cremation — chemically dissolve the body, keep the powdery residue and pour the liquefied remains down the drain.

But the procedure, too graphic to describe, has had some trouble getting off the ground. Assemblyman Jeff Miller had to shelve his proposal last year after a visiting scientist pointed out that the process might not be as safe as advertised.


T.I., MTV, and Funeral Home Sued For Showing Corpse in Reality TV Show

The King of the South faces legal action for allegedly causing mental pain and suffering and emotional distress.

The relatives of a dead man whose corpse was filmed in Atlanta as part of “T.I.’s Road To Redemption” MTV reality show are suing the rapper, MTV, and an Atlanta funeral home.

The suit, filed by the family of Joseph Williams, alleges that his relatives suffered mental distress after footage of his corpse was shown in a February 2009 episode of the show, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Actor Peter Fonda Finds Corpse in Car

Los Angeles, California

Peter Fonda unexpectedly became a part of a real life mystery drama today when he made a macabre discovery on Sunset Boulevard near his home in Pacific Palisades, California.  The iconic Easy Rider star was minding his own business when he pulled over to investigate a car parked on the side of the road.  In the car was a dead body.

The coroner who arrived on the scene with the police determined that the body of the as yet unidentified man had been in the car for about three days.  He had apparently committed suicide. 


In Florida Human Corpse Head Found In Canal

Dania Beach, Florida

Broward County Sheriff’s deputies said a human head was found on the bank of a Dania Beach canal on Sunday morning. Deputies said they received a report that the severed body part was discovered at about 11:07 a.m. 

An employee from Millions of Parts told investigators he found what appeared to be a human head while cleaning the canal bank with a backhoe.

The Sheriff Office said it has conferred with Fort Lauderdale investigators to find out if the severed head is connected with a Fort Lauderdale missing body parts case.

Deputies are still investigating.


Oklahoma Auction Company Finds Human Skull In Storage Unit

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Muskogee County authorities are investigating the discovery of human remains in a storage unit in Haskell. The Associated Press reports:

Sheriff’s investigator Faye Banks told the Muskogee Phoenix that a human skull was found in the unit Nov. 1 and Haskell police were contacted.

Officials say the skull was in a storage unit that was 1 of 2 in Tulsa that had been rented by the same person. When the renter stopped making payments, the contents were turned over to an auction house in Haskell.

Banks says the auction company found the skull inside a box wrapped in a towel. Banks is trying to track down the renter and find out how the skull was obtained. The remains have been sent to the medical examiner in Tulsa for more analysis.


This reminds me of an old professor I had back in mortuary college. He had a teaching skeleton in class, as well as a teaching torso. He had given both of them a name, which we all thought was a little strange. However, not as strange as when we learned he was taking both of them home at night.

Just In Time For Halloween Funeral Cakes

Are you still struggling with what to offer guests at your Halloween party? How about a funeral corpse cake?