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Southern Illinois Funeral Director Donald Keith York Jailed On Theft Charge

Donald Keith York

Fairfield, Illinois

Wayne City, Ill., funeral director Donald Keith York was arrested Wednesday night on theft charges.

Last week, a Wayne County Grand Jury indicted York on a felony charge of theft. York, 48, was arrested in Hamilton County late Wednesday night and transported to the Wayne County Jail.

York is accused of selling an elderly Wayne County woman a pre-paid funeral service, then failed to put the money in a trust as required by state law. The amount allegedly stolen was approximately $7,000 authorities said.

York lost his funeral director’s license in September when the Illinois Department of Professional Registration revoked his license for multiple infractions, including “unprofessional conduct, violation of regulations, incompetence and untrustworthiness in funeral practice, advertising in a false or misleading manor and a criminal conviction”. At the time his license was revoked, York had been operating York Funeral Home in Wayne City. The business is now closed.

Keith York remains in the Wayne County jail. His bond has been set at $75,000.

Funeral Home Director Abused Corpses: Allowed Them To Decompose Before Cremation

A funeral director in Australia stands accused of allowing bodies to decompose before cremation or burial because he failed to refrigerate the bodies in his care.

According to News.Com.Au, a funeral director in Brisbane was reportedly being investigated for loading his hearse with bodies and driving eight hours away for cut-rate cremations.

Funeral operators in the Australian province of Queensland are neither licensed nor regulated and are not required to join any sort of industry association.

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Funeral Directors Leave Corpse In Supermarket Parking Lot While Getting a Cup of Tea

Shoppers Found Corpse

News from the UK

A funeral care provider has been accused of lacking respect after three workers left a corpse in a coffin in supermarket car park – while they went inside for a cup of tea.

The men abandoned the coffin, which had a wreath on top, outside a Morrisons store in Tamworth for more than 20 minutes while they took their break.

Shoppers Karen Plant, 53, and her daughter Liz, 28, were so shocked by their actions that they stormed into the cafe and confronted the undertakers.

But the men – dressed in black top hats and tails – denied they had done anything wrong, claiming they needed a snack after their ‘long journey’.

Community nurse Liz said: ‘It’s really upsetting to think the body of someone’s loved one was in that coffin and it had been shoved in a car park before it was laid to rest.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a complete lack of respect.

‘At first I thought the hearse must be on its way back from a funeral but the coffin had a wreath on top of it.

‘There were lots of official-looking papers scattered on the dash board which detailed the funeral arrangements.

‘They were in full view so anyone could have seen them. It was shocking.


A Nightmare Funeral, Casket Falls Into Grave

Bradenton, Florida

The Washington Family was already in mourning after having lost the man they called Pops. Then at his burial, something happened that they say you only see in horror movies.

It’s a nightmare that Bradenton resident Kimberly Washington wishes wasn’t real. “I can’t sleep. My mind is constantly thinking about it.”

Her father, the man she calls her best friend passed away two weeks ago. On Saturday, the final goodbyes took place at Eugene Washington’s burial. “My whole world feels like it is falling apart.”

But as a home video shows, seconds after the casket was placed above the grave, it tipped over and fell to the ground. “To see that casket fall is something out of a horror movie,” says Washington.

ABC 7 contacted the cemetery where the burial took place and they say the situation happened as a result of a malfunction with the casket’s lowering device. The cemetery is in the process of contacting the manufacturer of the lowering device. They say nothing like this has ever happened before.

Source and Video

Update on Illinois Cremation Scandal and Cover-Up Plot: Crematory Employee 2nd Person Charged

Back in December, a story broke involving Marcee Dane, a funeral director with Burnett-Dane funeral home in Libertyville. There was a mix-up of cremated remains and Dane attempted to cover-up the incident.

Burnett-Dane Funeral Director Marcee Dane

Prosecutors said Dane tried to cover up a mix-up involving a family’s ashes by first lying to the family, then getting another person’s remains and sending the family those remains to cover the mistake.

Dane even went so far as to exhume cremains and remove an identification tag in case either family discovered the error and chose to exhume the cremains, authorities said.

Well, now, a second person has been implicated for helping Dane with her attempted scheme. This time, it is a crematory employee.

Lake Bluff, Wisconsin

Crematory Operator Keith Campbell

A 57-year-old employee of a Lake Bluff crematorium has pleaded guilty to working with a funeral director to place anonymous human remains in a container and fabricate identification paperwork.

Keith R. Campbell, an employee of Lakewood Crematory and a Lake Bluff resident, pleaded guilty on March 3 to a class A misdemeanor of the violation of the Crematory Regulation Act.

According to the charges filed by the Lake County state’s attorney’s office, Campbell admitted to retrieving anonymous cremated human remains from Lakewood Crematory, where he was employed, and placing those cremains in a temporary container. He gave those cremains to Marcee Dane, formerly a funeral director at Burnett-Dane funeral home in Libertyville, prosecutors said.

Nancy O’Connor of Antioch, a family member affected by the scandal, said she is disappointed with the industry as a whole.

“I think it’s sad that a crematorium and a funeral home would work together to cover up a mistake and no one stepped up to do the right thing,” O’ Connor said.

Her brother died on mother’s day last year and O’Connor said her mother, Jean Fagerstrom, didn’t want to attend Thursday’s hearing, because she said the process of this case has come to be too much for her.


Rock and Roll Fans: Get Your Kiss Caskets

Well, when your rock ‘n rolling all night, and partying every day comes to a very permanent finish, you can buy one last “official” Kiss product.

After much anticipation, two of the official Kiss caskets have been released today. How “official”? Quite official, as they are sold in the Kiss online store.

“Our Kiss caskets offer fans a unique expression of their love for this iconic rock band,” said Nick Popravsky, VP of Sales & Marketing, Eternal Image. “Kiss fans worldwide have been awaiting these products, and we’ve even received product inquiries from as far away as The Netherlands recently.”


Funeral Home Social Media Training: ‘Experts’ or Snake Oil Sales?

As more funeral homes are joining the world of social media, it is not surprising to find the so-called “experts” offering social media training targeted for funeral directors.

Of course, it makes perfect sense to hire someone that knows nothing about funeral directors, to teach funeral directors how to be better at “sales” using Twitter, Facebook and the other available platforms. Sure, if your company sells vaults, you may draw a few more eyes to your business. When it comes to funeral homes, or actual licensed funeral directors, the typical approach to social media will not last for long. It may even hurt your business in the end.  So, how do you evaluate a so-called “expert?”

Ian Lurie has put together 10 Questions to Evaluate a Social Media Expert on Conversation Markeing. Enjoy!