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Funeral Directors Leave Corpse In Supermarket Parking Lot While Getting a Cup of Tea

Shoppers Found Corpse

News from the UK

A funeral care provider has been accused of lacking respect after three workers left a corpse in a coffin in supermarket car park – while they went inside for a cup of tea.

The men abandoned the coffin, which had a wreath on top, outside a Morrisons store in Tamworth for more than 20 minutes while they took their break.

Shoppers Karen Plant, 53, and her daughter Liz, 28, were so shocked by their actions that they stormed into the cafe and confronted the undertakers.

But the men – dressed in black top hats and tails – denied they had done anything wrong, claiming they needed a snack after their ‘long journey’.

Community nurse Liz said: ‘It’s really upsetting to think the body of someone’s loved one was in that coffin and it had been shoved in a car park before it was laid to rest.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a complete lack of respect.

‘At first I thought the hearse must be on its way back from a funeral but the coffin had a wreath on top of it.

‘There were lots of official-looking papers scattered on the dash board which detailed the funeral arrangements.

‘They were in full view so anyone could have seen them. It was shocking.


Unique Funerals

We recently featured the stripper funeral, made famous by our friends overseas. However, there are a few others.

17-Year Old Starts His Own Funeral Home Business In UK

United Kingdom

George Simnett, of Loughborough, Leicestershire is believed to have become the youngest person in the country to run his own funeral director’s business.

The youngster had already been cleaning and preparing bodies full-time for the past two months – and last month set up his own firm GE Simnett and Family Funeral Directors.

The teenage undertaker currently runs his company from the premises of Charnwood Funeral Services in Loughborough where he learned his trade.

But he plans to buy his own offices as soon as he finds somewhere suitable.

Hailing from a farming family in Coleorton, Leics, he broke with family tradition by ditching livestock for dead bodies.