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Massachusetts Dignity Memorial Provider (NYSE:SCI) Accused Of Trying To Conceal Burying Two Bodies In Wrong Cemetery


Another Scandal For SCI

 Brookline, Massachusetts

A state disciplinary board has ordered a Brookline funeral home to explain how they mixed up the burials of two bodies in August, burying one woman in the wrong grave, digging her up in time for her actual funeral  and then allegedly failing to tell one family about the mistakes. The Stanetsky Chapel is owned by Houston-based Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI) and is a Dignity Memorial Provider.

The employees under investigation are company manager Kim Perry, embalmers and funeral directors Paul Glennon and Bruce Schlossberg, and apprentice embalmer Jane Salk.

Service Corporation International owns 1800 funeral homes nationwide. Company spokeswoman Lisa Marshall, speaking on behalf of the company and the four employees, said SCI is cooperating with the board. She also said that corporate policy bans her from discussing individual cases, but that she could speak in generic terms about the company’s procedures.

“We work very, very hard to ensure that mistakes don’t happen. We have very good policies, we have good training in place,” Marshall said. “We work with our employees to prevent mistakes. But, occasionally, a mistake happens. When that happens, our policy is to work with the families.”

However, family members are pointing out that they were not notified and that the funeral home attempted to conceal the “mistake.”


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Corpse Abuse Allegations Running Wild In The Media From Virginia To Ohio

The media buzz phrase “Abuse of Corpse” has been out-of-control over the last year, from Virginia to most recently, Ohio, in what I feel is an attempt to give the funeral industry a bad rap. Certain media outlets are mis-representing facts and adding their own sensational twists. At this rate, embalmers everywhere will soon be accused of corpse abuse by those who have no concept of the embalming process. Oh and, let’s not forget the hype over the funeral home in Puerto Rico. I am putting together an article on media allegations and those by bloggers attempting to harm funeral directors, embalmers and funeral homes.