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Another Preneed Funeral Scandal: State Accuses California Funeral Trust of Mismanagement

Sacramento, California

State regulators Monday filed a lawsuit against one of California’s largest funeral trusts, claiming that millions of dollars worth of customers’ money has been “misused, misspent, and mismanaged,” according to the Department of Consumer Affairs. 

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, names the California Master Trust as the defendant.  It seeks to take over control of the trust, oust the current directors, and force those currently in control to repay $14 million in missing trust funds.

The trust is one of the nation’s largest administrators of pre-need funeral plans — funeral services paid for while the buyer is still alive. Those plans are sold by individual funeral homes, with the payments held by the trust. 

Administrators illegally used those payments to pay more than $4 million in kickbacks to funeral homes in order to make sure their plans were sold to customers, according to the lawsuit. 


What Happened To Funeral Consumer Advocate R. Brian Burkhardt?

R. Brian Burkhardt aka Your Funeral Guy

Robert Brian Burkhardt, the funeral director who wrote the Your Funeral Guy blog, died after a heart attack on January 19, 2011. He was 58 years old.

In a sad irony, while he was a crusader for funeral consumers, he left his family totally unprepared – no life insurance, no wishes to follow, no computer passwords on file.

Under the nom de plume R. Brian Burkhardt, to distinguish himself from others with the same name, his Your Funeral Guy blog challenged the practices of the funeral industry, from suppliers to funeral homes to cemeteries.

He wrote about wide cost variations for funeral products and services, news, scams and trends in the funeral industry, and he reviewed funeral related books. He started the blog in November 2007 and his last posting was January 17, 2011.

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Funeral Directors Leave Corpse In Supermarket Parking Lot While Getting a Cup of Tea

Shoppers Found Corpse

News from the UK

A funeral care provider has been accused of lacking respect after three workers left a corpse in a coffin in supermarket car park – while they went inside for a cup of tea.

The men abandoned the coffin, which had a wreath on top, outside a Morrisons store in Tamworth for more than 20 minutes while they took their break.

Shoppers Karen Plant, 53, and her daughter Liz, 28, were so shocked by their actions that they stormed into the cafe and confronted the undertakers.

But the men – dressed in black top hats and tails – denied they had done anything wrong, claiming they needed a snack after their ‘long journey’.

Community nurse Liz said: ‘It’s really upsetting to think the body of someone’s loved one was in that coffin and it had been shoved in a car park before it was laid to rest.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a complete lack of respect.

‘At first I thought the hearse must be on its way back from a funeral but the coffin had a wreath on top of it.

‘There were lots of official-looking papers scattered on the dash board which detailed the funeral arrangements.

‘They were in full view so anyone could have seen them. It was shocking.