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Widow Suing Houston-Based Funeral Corporation, SCI, for $16M for Gross Misconduct

Nashville, Tennessee

Conduct of national company’s local workers called ‘outrageous, grossly negligent’.

A Nashville woman is seeking $16 million in damages for alleged “outrageous, grossly negligent, indecent, reckless” conduct by a death care services provider.

Sharon McNabb filed suit against SCI Tennessee Funeral Services (Houston-based Service Corporation International) (NYSE:SCI) in Davidson County Circuit Court this week, claiming the company’s local workers botched burial arrangements for her deceased husband and “talked her into” cremating his body.

According to the complaint, Andrew Raymond McNabb had purchased a plot at Woodlawn Memorial Park from Woodlawn Funeral Home in 1989. After his death on Dec. 17, Sharon arranged for a Dec. 20 viewing and Dec. 21 service at Eastland Funeral Home before the interment at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

The arrangements were proceeding according to plan until SCI workers notified the McNabb family — during the funeral service — that they in fact had no burial plot at Woodlawn and said the “best thing” to do was cremate the body. According to the complaint, McNabb consented, though she was “completely distraught” and “heavily sedated” at the time.

Then, more than a week after the cremation, McNabb received a notice from the Tennessee National Guard War Records Section that her husband was a veteran and was eligible for burial at the VA Cemetery — notice that SCI had received the day before the funeral.

“Instead of telling her that he could be buried in a VA Cemetery, SCI staff talked her into letting them cremate him for a fee, when at the time it should have been obvious that she was suffering from great emotional distress,” the complaint reads. “This conduct was outrageous, grossly negligent, indecent, reckless, and willful and the kind that is not tolerated by civilized society.”



SCI Employees Post Company Reviews Online…Not Good

Funeral Industry News| SCI Employee Posts Company Review Online…Not Good | Websites like Yelp ave provided services for consumers to share positive and negative experiences very easily. There is also a website called JobVent.com that allows employees to post reviews of jobs we love and hate.

via SCI Employees Post Company Reviews Online…Not Good.

Judge Sanctions Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI) For Evidence Tampering In Cemetery Case

Los Angeles, California

A Los Angeles judge has sanctioned Houston-based Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI), owner of Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, after finding that the cemetery intentionally tampered with and destroyed evidence related to a class action lawsuit alleging that Eden mishandled human remains.

Judge Anthony J. Mohr of the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered that the plaintiff’s attorney will be allowed to present evidence to the jury showing that SCI willfully tampered with evidence, and the judge will inform jurors that they may reasonably conclude that the destroyed evidence could have been damaging.

The allegations include that the cemetery broke concrete vaults to squeeze more graves into small spaces, and that when bones fell out of the broken vaults, groundskeepers were instructed to discard of the remains in the cemetery dump and  Eden secretly buried bodies in the wrong plots and misplaced or lost remains.


Funeral Giant Service Corporation International Suing Another Funeral Home Over Name Rights

Syracuse, New York

Fifteen years ago, one of the biggest funeral chains in North America added Syracuse to its empire by paying more than $6 million for Pirro & Sons, one of the area’s most prestigious and successful mortuaries.

As it does in other cities, Service Corporation International went on to snap up other area mom-and-pop funeral homes in Syracuse to add to its chain of more than 1,200 mortuaries.

Now the Pirros have split from SCI and one has started an independent mortuary, Thomas J. Pirro Funeral Home, in Salina. That move has sparked a fight between SCI and the well-known Syracuse family of morticians over the right to use the name “Pirro.”

“The biggest problem is: It’s confusing to consumers,” SCI spokeswoman Lisa Marshall said.

Pirro Jr., 39, a fourth-generation mortician, said customers are confused because they don’t know who they are dealing with when they call Pirro & Sons to arrange funerals.

“They don’t realize there are no Pirros there anymore,” he said. “People are calling, thinking they will get the Pirros and they aren’t.”


Massachusetts Dignity Memorial Provider (NYSE:SCI) Accused Of Trying To Conceal Burying Two Bodies In Wrong Cemetery


Another Scandal For SCI

 Brookline, Massachusetts

A state disciplinary board has ordered a Brookline funeral home to explain how they mixed up the burials of two bodies in August, burying one woman in the wrong grave, digging her up in time for her actual funeral  and then allegedly failing to tell one family about the mistakes. The Stanetsky Chapel is owned by Houston-based Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI) and is a Dignity Memorial Provider.

The employees under investigation are company manager Kim Perry, embalmers and funeral directors Paul Glennon and Bruce Schlossberg, and apprentice embalmer Jane Salk.

Service Corporation International owns 1800 funeral homes nationwide. Company spokeswoman Lisa Marshall, speaking on behalf of the company and the four employees, said SCI is cooperating with the board. She also said that corporate policy bans her from discussing individual cases, but that she could speak in generic terms about the company’s procedures.

“We work very, very hard to ensure that mistakes don’t happen. We have very good policies, we have good training in place,” Marshall said. “We work with our employees to prevent mistakes. But, occasionally, a mistake happens. When that happens, our policy is to work with the families.”

However, family members are pointing out that they were not notified and that the funeral home attempted to conceal the “mistake.”


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Boulder Funeral Home Offers Apology For Dropping Corpse At Funeral

Boulder, Colorado

Recently, Dignity Memorial (NYSE:SCI) Crist Mortuary was named in a lawsuit, after allegations surfaced from a father who reported the mortuary dropped his son’s body.

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Responding to a lawsuit’s allegations that Crist Mortuary employees dropped the casket of a 20-year-old Boulder High School graduate on the day of his funeral, letting his body roll onto the pavement, the mortuary’s general manager apologized Wednesday.

“We made a mistake,” said Michael Greenwood, who is named as a defendant in the lawsuit along with the Boulder mortuary. “I do apologize for that and have apologized to the parents.”


Funeral Corporation Employees Are Venting

It was bound to happen, sooner or later, with the internet playing such a major role in our lives. Whether you are looking for a specific company, product, or service, the internet allows you to find it in an instant. As a job-seeker, it is often advised to research a company you might be interested to work for. If possible, career coaches advise, talk to the employees of the company. Well, now the employees have a place to talk, or shall we say vent. A new website allows company employees to have a forum to express their opinions about their employer. As one might expect, corporate funeral employees have already joined in. I have provided the link below.

Funeral Corporation Employees Vent