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Update: Police Charge Twin Sons Found Living With Mother’s Corpse

Houston, Texas

In an earlier post, we reported on a story involving two men found living with their mother’s corpse. Before questioning the twin sons, police thought the woman may have died from natural causes. However, after further questions, charges have been filed.

The twin brothers who were living with their mother’s decomposing corpse went before a judge on Wednesday morning. Police have charged the two men with murder.

Investigators described walking into the men’s house, saying it was like stepping into a horror movie.

Brothers Edwin and Edward Berndt looked scared and disheveled when they went before the judge.

Police say the brothers told them their mom had fallen down in January while they were watching the championship college football game. Homicide investigators say the men didn’t give their mother food, water, or medical assistance as she lay there dying.

Police also say the smell of the rotting flesh was “overpowering.”

Prosecutors and their defense attorney agree their behavior raises some serious questions about their mental health.

“It’s too early to tell,” said prosecutor Samantha Knecht. “Obviously we’re going to want them to do some type of mental evaluation, but we’re too early in the game to make any types of calls on that.”